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Online Shopping Guide

How to shop online

Step 1: Signup up | Register

Sign in (Existing Customers)

Simply enter your username and password, forgotten your password, use our simple online password recovery.

Registration Form

Register (New Customers)

Simply register using our easy only online registration form.

Create a Profile: Parent/Guardian/Sponsor/Account Holders Details

Shipping Address: Parent/Guardian/Sponsor/Account Holders Shipping Details

Register Children: Use the "Register Children" Button To Easily add their details to your account(see below)

Register Children

Register Children

Click on the button to add more children to your account

First Name: Childs first name

Surname: Childs surname

Phone: Child / Parents Phone Number

School: The school your child is attending

Grade: Your child's grade

Complete Registration, and shop by school

Shop By School

Click on Child To View School List

Click on School To View Grade List

Click on Grade To View Stationery List and Complete Order

Adjust Quantities as required, and add to cart to complete

Confirm Your Order

Confirm your order and proceed to checkout

Confirm Shipping Option

Confirm your shipping option, choose between home or school

Some settings are dependant on school regulations

Eg: Some schools only allow home delivery or only school delivery

Complete Checkout

Complete your checkout, confirm payment details

Choose payment option, Pay by Card or Bank EFT

Confirm and conclude your transaction